Atlas of Ophthalmology von Jonescu-Cuypers,  C. P., Krieglstein,  G. K., Severin,  M., Vobig,  M. A.

Atlas of Ophthalmology

Visual diagnosis is of particular importance in the recognition of ophthalmological signs and symptoms. This atlas presents more than 750 brilliant photos taken at the University of Cologne’s Eye Hospital. The selection of depicted diseases reflects the disorders which the opthalmologist and the general practioner must be prepared to be confronted with in clinical practics, including tropical diseases of the eye. The exquisite quality of the photos and the anatomical drawings at the beginning of each chapter combine with comprehensive captions and a color thumb index this atlas an outstanding reference work for clinicians, practioners and students alike. – The CD COM offers an easy to use personal electronic archive of all illustrations in high resolution quality.
TOC: Lids. Tear Ducts. Conjunctiva. Cornea. Sclera. Lens. Uvea. Pupil. Anterior Chamber and Glaucoma. Vitreous Body. Retina. Optic Nerve. Optic Pathway. Orbital Cavity. Optics and Refraction. Bulbus Motility, Stabismus. Major Symptoms. Traumatic Ophthalmology. Parasitological Diseases of the Eye.

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