Bryophyte Systematics von Miller,  Norton G.

Bryophyte Systematics

The first eight papers in this volume present thorough reviews of significant research topics in systematic bryology. These topics will continue to be explored vigorously in laboratory and bryological centers throughout the world. Four contributions focus on techniques or procedures of widespread applicability?techniques required to grow bryophytes under controlled artificial conditions, secondary metabolites as taxonomic characters, the relative roles of gametophytic versus sporophytic characters in systematics, and the electronic capture and storage of data. Four other papers deal with long standing problems in the evolution of bryophytes. Detailed in one is the considerable progress made recently in understanding speciation modes in various major bryophyte groups. In the others the topics include the genetic interpretation of ecotypic variation and population structure, ontogenetic criteria as a method to establish the homology between or among similar structures (and as sources of phylogenetic clues), and the growing body of evidence favoring embryophyte (including ?bryophyte?) monophyly rooted in the Charalean algae. The final contribution, an epilogue, presents a personal view of the status of bryophyte taxonomy and of promising future directions for research.

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