Manfred Holtfrerich. Blätter 1 – 236 von Grunenberg,  Christoph, Kunsthalle Bremen

Manfred Holtfrerich. Blätter 1 – 236

In this book, all watercolours of the series “Leaves” painted to this point are assembled chronologically, one painting on each page. The leaves are presented in a process of deterioration, extremely naturalistic and as clear and direct as possible. The found leaves have been painted in their actual size. They present themselves as perfect forms, as a compositional game of nature. They thereby are also a symbol of what an image might be. Their appearance as real leaves and as “true” pictures gives them an even stronger impression than that of natural leaves. The viewer’s aesthetic sensibility is touched directly.
The series of “Leaves” started in 1990 and so far comprises 236 drawings in the format of 50 x 42 cm. The leaves are reproduced on a scale of one to one.

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