Sanitas per Aquas von Lysaght,  Patricia

Sanitas per Aquas

Spas, Lifestyles and Foodways

This volume contains papers presented at the 16th International Ethnological Food Research Conference held in Innsbruck, Austria, and Meran(o), Italy. The conference brought together scholars from eighteen countries in Europe, North America, and Asia, from a variety of disciplines, who explored the role which dietary attitudes, lifestyle choices, and recourse to healing-related activities of different kinds, are perceived to play in the achievement of health and wellness.
Contributors to this volume have touched on key aspects of current discourses on health and well-being, in a variety of cultures and from different perspectives, in both historical and contemporary times.
The Editor:

Professor Dr. Patricia Lysaght, UCD Delargy Centre for Irish Folklore, University College Dublin, Ireland, is Director of the Food Commission of SIEF and President of the International Commission for Ethnological Food Research. Professor Lysaght is contributing editor of the following proceedings of the International Commission for Ethnological Food Research: Milk and Milk Products from Medieval to Modern Times (Edinburgh, 1994), Food and the Traveller. Migration, Emigration, Tourism and Ethnic Food (Nicosia, 1998), Food from Nature. Attitudes, Strategies and Culinary Practices (Uppsala, 2000), Food and Celebration. From Fasting to Feasting (Ljubljana, 2002), Changing Tastes. Food Culture and the Processes of Industrialization (Basel, 2004), Mediterranean Food. Concepts and Trends (Zagreb, 2006), and Sanitas per Aquas. Spas, Lifestyles and Foodways (Innsbruck, 2008).

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