Beat Zoderer: Um 5 Ecken herum von Kienbaum,  Jochen, Merz,  Klaus, Zoderer,  Beat

Beat Zoderer: Um 5 Ecken herum

Kienbaum Artists’ Books 2017

Round the Corner
Beat Zoderer sees his work as a reaction to set pieces of classical works such as those by Max Bill, but also to found everyday forms and objects of daily use. This carefully planned artist edition for Jochen Kienbaum does continue the constructive legacy that he is actually part of, yet at the same presents a break from it due to his ambiguity in terms of content as well as aesthetics. In contrast to classical modernism, Beat Zoderer’s work is not based on any assumptions in terms of a philosophy of history, but moves with its art-critical approach between our everyday world and art, thus reflecting the ironic nature of postmodernist ideas. Thus, the latest series of interspersed pentagons corresponds with one of the accompanying poems by Klaus Merz, which can also be read as a motto for Beat Zoderer’s (intellectual) work on modernity: »There is a voice that I recognize / even before it / calls me.«

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