Chasing A Ghost von Leonard,  Stephane, Pfeifer,  Claudio

Chasing A Ghost

Stephane Leonard

The series „Chasing A Ghost“ is focussing on the research of an artistic identity within the drawn line. Who do we see within the drawings? What do they reveal and what is it that they cover up? Basically, who is this man behind the line? Just like the needle of a seismograph, polygraph or electrocardiogram the lines are trying to capture a truth, make introspection and invisible processes visible and possibly succeed in transcribing a ghost. When two lines intersect, past and present meet involuntarily, form of a space, outline an object which then becomes a projection surface of future possibilities. The lines overlap, get wiped out, reseted, smeared and distorted until fragile structures appear, nothing solid yet, only networks, consolidations, objects in the making or in decay.

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