Schatzfunde – Fundmünzen von Hagemann,  Karola, Lehmann,  Robert

Schatzfunde – Fundmünzen

Numismatik zwischen Archäologie, Kriminalistik und Chemie

This volume published by the Numismatic Society Hannover begins with a prologue on the advantages of collecting, preserving, and researching coins and is subdivided into four chapters on “Contributions on Bronze Age treasures and antique coins”, “Contributions on treasures and coins of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times”, “Criminal stories”, and “Concepts of education”. At first, there are 7 examples for Bronze Age gold as a pre-monetary kind of money from a natural scientific point of view and an overview of pre-monetary means of payment in European and Near Eastern prehistory and protohistory. The Roman-related papers concentrate on the recognition of forgeries, coins from Kalkriese, coins from military camps, treasures, and curiosities. The Middle Ages and Early Modern Times are represented by papers on a tremissis, High Medieval coins from Lower Saxony, bracteates, gold florins, and a mint leaseholder. Criminal stories are told by means of 8 examples. The “Concepts of education” deal with Citizen Science projects, a visitor centre, and reconstructions. The volume ends with an activity report of the society for 2013-19.

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