Engine Processes von Baar,  Roland, Sens,  Marc

Engine Processes

About the book:In addition to new and alternative ways of managing combustion engines processes, this documentation also discusses innovative appoaches to simulation as a key to simplifying and enhancing the development process.Contents:Challenges to Validate Turbocharger CFD Simulations with Hot Gas Test Results – Fuel Temperature Controlled Auto Ignition Approach: Mechanism and Characteristics of Compression Ignition with Supercritical Fuel Injection – Fresh Charge Preparation, Charge Exchange, Mixture Formation and Combustion in the EC2S Engine – Rapid Spark-Ignition Parameter Optimization for Best Combustion Characteristics – Approach for Describing the Caloric Characteristics of Exhaust and Fuel Vapor – Conditional Moment Closure with a Progress Variable Approach – Simulation of Aldehyde Formation in Ethanol Fuelled Spark Ignition Engines – Aspects of Diesel Engine In-Cylinder Processes Simulation Using 0D Stochastic Reactor Model – Simulation of Emissions from a Hydrogen Fuelled Diesel Engine – Predicting the Trade-off between Turbine Inlet Temperature and Engine Fuel Economy in a Turbocharged Gasoline Engine – Studies on Using Intake Valve Lift Strategies for Generating Turbulence – Ultra-Downsizing of Internal Combustion Engines – Numerische Untersuchungen eines alternativen Brennverfahrens für gemischansaugende stationär betriebene Erdgasmotoren – „OptiVent“: Controlling a SI-engine with Variable Exhaust Valve Operation – Comparison and Simulation of Methods to Reducing End-Gas Temperatures in Boosted Gasoline Engines – Numerical and Experimental Determination of Combustion Chamber Resonances – Optimization of the Combustion of a Medium Speed CNG Engine by a Cylinder Pressure-Based Control System – Tailor-Made Mixed Flow Turbocharger Turbines for best Steady-State and Transient Engine Performance – Investigation of E-Turbo Fuel Consumption Reduction Implications on Passenger Car Applications – The Electric Supercharger: Improved Transient Behavior and Reduced CO2 as well as NOx Emissions at the Same Time? – CONVERGE Approach: CFD Simulation using Adaptive Grid Resolution and Detailed Chemistry – Simulation Tools: Solutions for Challenges in Engine Design – GCA online: Supporting the Engine Calibration Process by Fast Gas Exchange and Combustion Analysis Directly at the Test Bed

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